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Birthdate: October

Childhood stuff: Born and Raised in Colorado!!

Things I like to do when I'm not working: I love to read, walk, listen to music, sometimes at the same time!!! HAHA!! I can even chew gum in the process!!!

Radio Stuff: I love music and I’ve always wanted to work in radio.

Current fave TV show? That’s a toughie, I would say “How I Met Your Mother” for a comedy and “ Bones/Grey’s Anatomy” for a drama!!!

All-time fave TV show? FRIENDS!!

All-time favorite food? Italian/Asian

All-time favorite beverage? Coffee of any kind!!!!!!

A book I'd suggest? Sense & Sensibility

Websites I like?

Who I'd like to meet? Three way tie: James Dean, Audrey Hepburn, Dolly Parton

Favorite Salida hang-out/memory? Not Sure!!!

The first radio station I worked at: KVRH

What will you find on my refrigerator door?
Pictures, Calendar, and a To Do List

If I had to leave the house in a flash: Why am I leaving in a flash? For Awhile, or just for the day???

Guilty pleasure: 80’s Hair Metal!!!

Pet peeve: Rock songs turned country! Grrrrr. Or when things aren’t alphabetized

Favorite artist/group: How can you pick just one!!! Of all-time I would say Aerosmith, The Who, CCR, Bob Seger, Heart, Pat Benatar, Frankie Valli, The Beatles, I could go on and on.....

Pets? A very spoiled Boxer/Black Lab Mix whom I love very much!!!!!

I knew I was an adult when: I made my first car payment!!! Ha!

Favorite magazines:
Cosmo, Glamour, PEOPLE, Entertainment Weekly!!!!!

I feel strongly about: Everything

You'd be surprised to know that: I hate fresh tomatoes!!!

Favorite thing about living in the Upper Arkansas Valley: The scenery

I still can't believe: That I’m still living in Salida!!!

On my "Bucket List": (something you want to do before you die) travel the world, sky dive, hot air ballooning

Weirdest CD in my collection: There are no weird CD’s because my collection is so eclectic!!!

Favorite U.S. City: Don’t know yet!!!!

I'm the best at: EVERYTHING!!! Just Kidding!!!!

My #1 hobby is:


Eagle Country


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